Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Many Words, No Real Change

Have we simply become a mere nation of words?  Our blogs, Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, and endless comment sections have polluted our world into a garbage heap of words.  Our words are spoken so quickly and flippantly that they never really amount to anything more than just garbage.  We defend and offend our hidden monologues inside virtual dialogues.  We pass words pack and forth without anyone listening. 

We start revolutions from our arm chairs, and call out injustice while we sip our lattes.  We decry oppression and hunger from our third world manufactured tablets and phones.  

We raise awareness without raising an arm, unaware that our words have died the moment they were conceived.

Our words are not spoken anymore, they are merely written.  Our words are formed without oxygen, and without oxygen nothing can live.

Our words do not move.  Our words are not even real. Words created digitally do not even really exist in the physical world, and therefore they have no real power, no real movement, no real meaning.

We talk without talking, we communicate without communing.  We no longer share instead we market, and no longer listen, instead we consume. 

We have allowed words with no life to define us, instead of defining our words with life.

Words have power when they have life behind them.  Words have life not only when they compel action, but when the words were created by action. 

We have it backwards.  Words do not create meaning, meaning creates words.

I believe in a word,

 A word with power.

A word with life.

A word created by meaning.

 I believe in a word that was not created by anything, but itself created what we know and see.  I believe in a word with breath and spirit.  I believe in a word that has power to save, and redeem the broken dead words in all of us.  I know a word that combines us all into a grand story of salvation and victory.

 I know a word,     

  -      The Living Word.

 "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God" (John 1:1).