Friday, February 28, 2014

Bible Believing Christian love to Eat with Homosexuals

It seems there are many Americans that have reservation about gays making reservations.  Arizona has made news about a controversial bill that would allow restaurant owners to refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation.  Fortunately the whole matter was vetoed.  There are still, however, many other states that have recently or are in the midst of creating laws that discriminate. 

I had a conversation with someone who was speaking very passionately about this subject.  This friend was hurt that people were doing their best to make discrimination legal.  This hurt him and many people he loves.  What really riled him up was that many of these proponents of discriminatory laws were Christians.

However, I assured my friend that while there are many who are proclaiming that Christian values indicated we can kick anyone out of a restaurant, I assured him it was not so.  In fact, most people who are in favor of these laws are not Christian at all, but only use one or two verses in the Bible to spread hate.  The truth is all Christians have for a long time love all people regardless of race or orientation.  These are true followers of Christ who actually put trust in the scriptures.  These are true Bible Believing Christians.

Case in point is Matthew 22:1-14.  This parable suggests that those who think they are entering the feast of the Kingdom of God are actually refusing to enter it.  As a result Jesus goes into the streets and invites anyone to eat at his restaurant in the sky who will respond.  Jesus lets anyone who wants to come eat with him in his Kingdom to come; I think Bubba's Burger Join ought to extend the same courtesy.   

Jesus also reminds the religious high and mighty types, that Jesus actually came to eat with those who are outcastes (Matthew 9:9-13).  Jesus spent time hanging around those others would not.  Not once does Jesus appeal to congress to create a law to keep them away from his dinner table.

Also remember the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)?  Younger son collects his inheritance from his father, wastes all the inheritance, and comes back home to a loving and forgiving father.  We often forget the end of that story.  While everyone is celebrating the return of the younger son with a feast inside the older brother refuses to go in and join the party.  The father comes out pleading with the older son to come in and join the celebration.  This part of the parable is Jesus pleading with the "super religious" to come into the Father's home and eat with the sinners who have been allowed to join.  Those trying to keep unwanted people out of restaurants are like the older brother refusing to go into his father's house because a sinner is in there.

Jesus came saying "come to me all you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens" (Matthew 28), there are no homo/hetero qualifications. 

Finally if Jesus is willing to sit and eat with anyone, including Judas, then true Bible Believing Christians who follow Jesus Christ also are willing to open the table to anyone as well.  After all Jesus said "as the Father sent me so I send you" (John 20:21).  That means followers of Jesus Christ, true Bible Believing Christians are not picketing and discriminating, but inviting people over for dinner.  The others are only using and abusing the bible, but not really following it.  Jesus has some simple words for these people "I never knew you; go away from me, you evil doers" (Matthew 7:23).

So if you want to be a true Bible Believing Christian, open your door and your table.  And if you are hungry, don't be afraid of those who shout the name of Jesus, but do not know him.