Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jesus education

If you have read the Indy Star in the last several weeks you have seen some controversy surrounding the salary of a former superintendent being exuberant in its retirement package.  With public schools struggling financially and programs being dropped, this undoubtedly upset many parents, teachers, and concerned citizens.  Monday, February 28th was the first school board meeting since the news broke with the former superintendent’s salary.  It was the most attended school board meeting I had seen.  Many took an opportunity to voice their concerns, and some even demanded the board to resign due to their failure to put children first. 

Yellow_school_sign.JPG.jpgUndoubtedly public education is struggling to keep classroom sizes minimal, maintain programs, achieve adequate test scores, and generate funding.  Certainly the public school system and government could do better to appropriate finances.  However, putting kids first involves more than financial planning.

Jesus had a soft spot for children (he got upset when his disciples and others kept them from coming to him in Matt 19:13-15).  If education for our children is going to improve than I think it is going to take a full communal effort.

I believe we are at a crossroads.  

It was churches in the very beginning that made education available to the masses, and perhaps it is time that churches pick up that long forgotten cross.  I’m not talking about just preschools and daycares (but it certainly involves that as well).  I’m talking about volunteering, helping out, and being supporters of local grade schools, middle schools, and high schools.  Sure we are not allowed to talk about Jesus and his love in these places, but there is nothing stopping us from showing it.  The state of our school system cannot be blamed on one person, or even on one single board (though each will be held accountable).  If public education is failing it is because we are failing, and it is time we step up to show the love of Christ, by giving our best to the very least.

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