Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's Death Made no Peace (the hardest part about following Jesus)

What does this all mean? Undoubtedly justice has been served, but what are we celebrating? Are we now a safer more peaceable world without one prowling terrorist? Can a bullet be strong enough to stop terrorism? Can bombs prevent evil from happening, and can violence ever rid the world heinous acts?

The truth is even now we are alert that we have made ourselves, for the time being, more susceptible to terrorist attacks. Just because Osama is no longer counted among the living does not mean Satan will cease to lay his attacks. Someone else will fill the void of the “most wanted.” Peace can never be won through violent means. The more that are killed to create peace the less room there will be for peace. The death of Hitler did not create everlasting peace, the death of Saddam did not create everlasting peace, and the death of Osama will not create everlasting peace. There is only one death that has ever brought about everlasting peace and that is the death we celebrated on Easter Morning.

War, violence, and retaliation are not powerful enough to stop evil. Jesus proposed a new way, a new weapon, and a new method to change the world and make everlasting peace. He showed that loving your enemies was how we lay down the pavement for diplomacy. He thought us that sacrificial death can erase the sins of many, and that a surprising resurrection would be the only true way to make things new!

May you not hate your enemies! May you be a true follower, a disciple, a believer in the Christ and obey his command to love even your enemies. If you want to belong to the man who made peace possible, if you want to reside in an everlasting home, if you want to expertise true fearless love and acceptance, than follow the way of the Son of God and love your enemies and transform the world!

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