Tuesday, June 14, 2011

vote for Jesus

Watching the GOP Presidential Debate in Massachusetts last night really got me thinking. During the debate there was a question to the candidates about whether the federal or state government has the power to decide the definition and the governance of marriage. The question stirred up the debate of homosexual marriage. Every one of the candidates seemed to express great discomfort in allowing the definition of marriage “between a man and a woman” to change including men marrying men and women marrying women.

The argument that one of the candidates expressed, and the conservative crowd agreed through applause, was that our families and children deserve the best that we can give them, and the best chance is through children having Fathers and Mothers to raise them.

I first must say I agree and have written and expressed many times our inability to take our sexual relationships seriously has created a greatly fractured family system with children being raised in unready, uncommitted, and missing parent homes. I also believe in God the creator of heaven and earth who designed marriage for commitment, family, and intimate relationship between man and woman. However, I have a great problem of government legislating Christian Ethics. I believe in lifelong committed marriage, and children that follow such a commitment. I believe God’s intent for marriage between man and woman, but I do not believe in making people who do not believe in the Christian God to be forced to follow my Christian Ethics.

According to the candidate, and the crowd, gay marriage should be illegal because straight marriage produces the best homes for children. By that logic everything that would prohibit the best possible home for children to be raised ought to be made illegal. Therefore, divorce ought to be made illegal, and having sex outside of marriage illegal, and adultery should be a serious crime with serious punishment. However, our government would not dream of making adultery, premarital sex, and divorce illegal because it is unethical to govern Christian Ethics to non-Christian people. The government should not be dealing with these issues, but the Church.

The life God calls us to live only works if we first have faith in God and the peace that comes through his Son Jesus Christ. If we do not know God, or Christ, the law is no good to us. Therefore, how can we who know God and the power of his salvation think of forcing our new life in the Spirit on someone who does not have the Spirit? Why would anyone keep the Sabbath, if they don’t believe in God the creator who rested on the seventh day? Why would anyone not blaspheme God, who does not believe in the power of the name of God? Christ did not call us to make people obey so that they may believe, but to show people God so that they may learn to believe and then obey. We are called to show that God created, so that they may learn to rest, we need to show that God is great and powerful, so that they will not blaspheme, and we need to show that the love of God designed a covenant of marriage so love may be a lifelong commitment that produces a caring and nurturing home for the potential of future children.

We are foolish however, to think we can legalize our scriptures into public law, and in return have pleased God. We are already told we have all broken the law, that we all have sinned (Romans 3:23), we need not more laws that enforce our Christian virtues, but we need more virtuous saints that teach and show the love, grace, and power of Jesus Christ. No politician, no law, and no political party can save the world from violence, poverty, indifference, and degradation, only Jesus the Christ can.

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