Thursday, June 28, 2012

When Progress becomes regress

When progress becomes regress

And cities are set on fire

The rage of the people will burn bright

Tottering ideals expire.

Tyrants feed, dictators greed

Who can lead the wild flame?

When the earth begins to turns backwards

All the unknown need a name.

Mass killers only hinders

More than generals can command.

The devil wages the fiercest war

For much more than our mere land.

When what's torn part is our heart

And we cannot find our soul.

More is needed than our human pride

A mender to make us whole.

Ideals burn placed in the urn

And everything is in soot

We refuse to build it back again

We will shake it from our foot.

A new place with a new grace

Unlike all others before

What was started from the beginning

God will finally restore. 

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