Friday, September 7, 2012

A Physician not a Politician

The election always reveals our nation's problems and issues that each candidate promises to fix.  The problems with jobs and a shrinking economy, the problems with education and failing schools, the problems with national security and foreign threats are seen as issues that can be corrected if the right candidate is elected.  The Democratic nominee believes that his leadership and party can correct the wrongs, and the Republican nominee wants to ask "are things better than four years ago?" Both candidates think they have the answers to our nation's problems, but what if they are both wrong?  I believe that not only do both candidates have the wrong answers to our problems; I believe they have the wrong idea completely about what the problems are.

The reason things fail to get better is because we have been inadequate at naming and addressing the true problems.  A struggling economy, the loss of jobs, national security, and failing schools are not the problems, instead they are the symptoms of our problems.  Trying to fix symptoms does not fix our problems.  I watched a women die this year of cancer pain free.  The morphine and medicine took away her pain.  I am glad that she was able to pass pain free but the pain wasn't the problem, the cancer was.  We have a cancer in our country and our politicians plan is to inject our country with morphine so that we will no longer feel pain, and it is not all their fault.  We look for and vote for politicians to take away our pain instead of leading us through difficult treatment to restore us back to health.  We rather die comfortably than live with heroic struggle.  We look for people to numb our existence instead of push for growth.

The issue with all this is that no political nominee of any party can bring about the holistic healing of our nation, their position and qualifications are inept.  

The true problem that causes the symptoms of job loss is greed.  CEO's and stockholders demand greater profit which means minimal cost which effect job market, livable wages, and even the environment.  No government official can undo and cure greed.  The issue with our economy is entitlement.  People of all classes believe they are owed something and live off the backs of other people.  The problem that causes the symptom of failing schools is discipline.  Our students are not disciplined, our teachers are not all disciplined, and our parents are not disciplined.  The problem that causes the symptom of national defense is lack of peace and love.  No government program and change these real problems.

If we create more jobs, they will simply be shipped overseas where they can legally pay unlivable and destitute wages.  If we simply throw more money at the impoverished, they will still lack the ability to provide for them, if we create more testing for students and teachers they will surely tell us nothings has changed, and if we add more missiles and bombs to our arsenals our enemies will follow suit.

Where does our hope come from?

What if there was one person who lived this out?  What if there was a person who was not greedy but giving?  What if there was someone who was not entitled but humble?  What if there was someone who was disciplined and lived out love and peace?  What if this person did all this and instead of saying "vote for me" he said "follow me."? What if there was someone who could not just cure the symptom but the problem?  What if there was someone who could not only change things but change us?

There is someone who offers such hope, who does not go on television and slander other people with lies, but is gentle and loving.  There is someone who does not charge ridiculous prices to eat in a banquet hall with him, but freely invites you to come and eat the broken bread and wine.  There is someone who has cure, a great physician who knows the ailment and solution.  Unfortunately we have failed to see our sickness, and we have failed to go seek the cure.  But the physician is still here.  The one who can fully effect change has not abandoned us.
Jesus who takes the illness of the world upon himself and proclaims forgiveness has given us cure from all this and even cure from death itself.  If you want the cure, if you want the change, if you want Jesus then he invites you to follow him and experience not just change but transformation!


  1. Excellent, my friend. Very poignant and relevant to what's happening now...

  2. Another root problem: the breakdown of families. Our society currently does a good job of systematically destroying families. We've moved from extended families to nuclear families and on to the widespread failure of nuclear families. The church also hasn't always done a good job of being the family of God for people in America. Along with following Jesus, hopefully we as the church can provide a healthy extended family to be a part of.