Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day # 7 February 24th – Journaling

Moses is told to write down all the laws in Deuteronomy 27:3, Isaiah is told to write in Isaiah 30:8, Jeremiah is told to write in Jeremiah 30:2, Habakkuk is told to write in Habakkuk 2:2, and John is told to write in Revelation 1:11. Throughout scripture God is telling people to write down what they hear and see. The reason for God’s call to journal is so that people will not forget. Imagine if all the people God told to write down did not write down, we would have not New or Old Testament! Journaling the events in our lives serve two purposes. The first purpose is that it reminds us what God has done for us through each day. Many times God does do something wonderful, but we quickly forget it, or never give ourselves to reflect on it. Journaling forces to reflect on the events that have happened through the day, and when we do that we see God showing up in ways that we might have originally missed. Secondly, Journaling is also a great way to pray if you have trouble holding your attention. If praying is difficult for you, you might find writing your prayers helpful in keeping your attention. Personally Journaling is difficult for me; I do well at first than my interest wanes. However, looking back at some of my spiritual concerns from a few years to even a few months ago is a reminder of all the prayers that God has answered. Try Journaling for a week, a month. Journal as a form of prayer if it helps, do it as a reminder for what God is doing, or do it as a tool that opens your mind to what God has done that you may have missed the first time around.

Here is a good journaling website:

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