Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day # 10 February 27th – Worship

Psalm 100 is a great way to simply worship. Worship is what we reserve for God and God alone, because he alone is worthy. Worship is how we respond to God. It is easy to go through our day not acknowledging God’s constant hand in everything we do. WE are called to respond to God’s daily grace, and infinite grace through his Son by worshiping him. This can be done in the streets like David did, this can be done with the family Jacob did, this can be done with strangers as Mary Joseph and the Shepherds did, and it can be done in a great gathering as the angels do. Revelation 4-5 is a great scene of heavenly worship. While we do gather every Sunday to worship corporally, worship is an ongoing event. The Hebrew word for worship means “to work, or serve, or worship.” Our work, if it is a response to God” is worship. Look for ways to worship God not only Sunday, but each morning. Remember worship is our response to God, therefore it is about God, not about us. Worship is full surrender, give yourself to God.

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