Wednesday, September 29, 2010

90 years and counting

As we are slowly approaching the 90th Anniversary of Lynhurst Baptist Church we have been going through the seven churches in Revelation (Revelation 2-3). Each of these churches has their own city, their own personality, and their own praises and rebukes. Ephesus was known as a loveless church, Smyrna was the persecuted church, Pergamum was the compromising church, Thyatira was an adulterous (idolatry) church, Sardis was a sleeping unaware church, Philadelphia is the faithful church, and Laodicea is a lukewarm (indifferent) church. Each of these churches receive their praise and rebuke from Jesus.

As we have been going through this Revelation series I have been wondering what kind of letter Jesus would have written to Lynhurst Baptist. I think Jesus would commend Lynhurst for having a strong Spirit that has carried on through many hardships and trials. I believe Jesus would rejoice at our ability to see needs in the neighborhood and reach out and fulfill them through the food pantry, community center, after school program and preschool. These are ministries that Lynhurst has begun building a reputation around. However, I also wonder how Jesus would correct us.

I wonder what Jesus would say not just about us bringing bread to the lives of people through the food pantry and community center, but also what would he say about us leading people to the bread of life. I wonder what our Lord would say not just about the room we allow for children in our building, but also what he would say about the room we have from them in our hearts. I wonder what Jesus would say about how we bring outsiders into worship, and in what ways to we allow them to worship in a way they understand.

I know Lynhurst Baptist has done many great things through the leading of Holy Spirit, but I also know there is much further for us to go. In the words of Paul, the race is not yet finished. Just as Sarah, Abraham’s wife, did not see the promise of God fulfilled until a late age, even now Lynhurst is just beginning to see all the promises God has for us. Sarah gave birth to the promised son at age 90, and even now Lynhurst needs to be ready to raise up a whole new generation even at our age.

I believe this is our letter, our message from Jesus. It is time that we pray, think, and share God’s message with each other.

The church is a beautiful mystery that God has given us. The young in the church share the history of Lynhurst along with the elder, and the elder share a future with the church along with the young.

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