Friday, September 17, 2010

Kingdom over Democracy

The mayor of Indianapolis Greg Ballard had a meeting with religious leaders today to discuss issues that have been happening in the city. Many issues that were brought up were issues that plague almost every U.S. major city such as crime, racial disparity, and transportation. Some issues that were brought up were very specific in nature. Two issues that were mentioned several times were about recent police behavior concerning one drunken police officer who ran over and killed a motorcyclist, and a beating of a young unarmed African-American.

Undoubtedly issues of injustice, brutality, racial profiling, and the like need to be addressed. Certainly there are many steps local government can take to better the lives of citizens and as members of a free nation it is our right and duty to hold our government accountable. I saw passion, conviction, and good leadership but I also saw far too much blame.

Too many people were asking “what are you going to do.”

As I said it is our responsibility and calling to point out injustice, to raise a voice against indecency, but it is also our responsibility to do something about it. Too often we are willing to raise our voice in accusation, but we are not willing not raise our hand and volunteer to action.

The question cannot be “what are you going to do” but “what are we going to do?”

Every government system is going to fall short of fulfilling the needs of the people. No matter the mayor, the governor, or the president. I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Green Party, Libertarian, or Undecided, all fall incredibly short of having the necessary means to adequately protect, transform, and educate. If we want change, if we want peace, if we want equality, the change starts much smaller than politics; the change starts in the heart.

Jesus came not to usher in a new political party but a new kingdom, the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:15). Christ has said that His body is not represented by the government, but by the church (1 Corinthians 12:27). It is the believers; it is the church that is the Body of Christ! There is a great mystery, a divine power, a limitless reality found within the church. This mystery, this power, this reality, has been too often forgotten, but it is still in work today. What this world needs is not more laws, better politicians, or better programs, we need better people and we get that by having more Jesus.

The question then is what are we as the Church doing? We change cities by changing communities, by changing neighborhoods, by changing people, by changing hearts, by giving them Jesus Christ. Is the church doing this? If not, then the government, politicians, and the people, should start accusing us of inaction, not the other way around. This world belongs to God and His children; it is time to start acting like it.


  1. Ben, a very wise woman reminded me a few weeks back that we need to quit complaining about the church that is and, instead, be the church that we want to see. It starts with me.

  2. Diana, it sounds like she certainly is a wise woman. The church is still the body of Christ, nothing can change that.