Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marrying Gays and Divorcing Politics

Did you hear, after NC voted against allowing gay marriage, and after VP Joe Bidden spoke in favor of gay marriage (and then did some back tracking) President Obama came out and said he supports gay marriage.  I have no issues with Obama, I didn't vote for him last election (I wrote in "Jesus") but I have nothing against him.  However, Obama's stance for gay marriage seems to be more of a calculated move toward reelection than a confession of social ethics.  States have voted against gay marriage before (California, New York) yet Obama was silent in those times.  Joe Bidden has opened his mouth before, and Obama was silent then.  The question we must ask then, is why does Obama speak out now?

Some may argue that Obamam had time to think over his feelings on the issue, and now has come to a conclusion.  Some argue that Obama's position has completely changed and now he must speak up about his new formed convictions.  Unfortunately, I see his statement as nothing more than a power play for the upcoming election.

The calculated timing of the statement is pretty genius.  Obama wanted to create a new political battle topic that detracts from the former fighting points that neither politician was winning.  Economy, war, and spending are all areas of government that the GOP and the Democrats have failed on in the past 8 years.  With the election heating up, a new topic was brought in, a topic that would certainly raise the ears of young apathetic voters, a issue that would create a driving force to the polls, not an economic issue, or a militaristic issue, but a social issue.   

In essence what is happening is that Obama is using gays and lesbians as a tool to generate victory for his campaign.  Our President is simply using people as a means to the end, which is his reelection.  That is the overwhelming problem with our world, people merely become a means to an end.  We assign value on people dependent upon their ability to serve our agendas.   This election and everyone before is about using people to accomplish one party's aspirations.

Obama is not alone.  Right after the President's announcement Romney went on to say he is against gay marriage.  Romney is using the people who are against gay marriage to serve as his means to get elected.  Our government, officials and Presidents all do this.  The people have simply become a means to their ends.  We are used to accomplish their place in the history books, we are used so they can amass wealth, gain authority, accomplish prestige, and ascertain power.  This is the worst act of humanity because it diminishes all people to sub-human entities. 

Obama may truly believe in gay marriage, but that is not the point of his statement, and that is not the point of Romney's follow-up.  Their statements are geared at using the citizens as pawns in a power play for election.

The really tragic part of all this is that we will all fallow suit.  Churches will now regrettably standup to support Romney because he is against gay marriage, we will fall into their power plays, and in the end the election is never about social issues, economic issues, or military, it is about who can win.  It is never about what is best, or about what the people need, it is only about what will get people roused up and divided.  Election is about division, dividing politics, dividing up the candidates, and dividing the people.

Jesus did not come to figure out the best strategic way to get our biases to serve his agenda.  When Jesus came it was not about us serving him, instead it was about him serving us (Mark 10:45).  Jesus came to be the means for our end.  He became the way through the cross and the resurrection so we could have the end, eternal life.  Servitude is leadership, it is true power. 

We lack this in our politics, in our churches, and even in our own communities.  The fabric of our nation is wrapped up in having others serve us.  Jesus created a new kingdom for those who wish to join.  This kingdom is not like democracy.  This kingdom does not look to serve self, but others.  This kingdom rests in the example and power of Jesus the King.  This kingdom is the kingdom of God, and door is opened to all who wish to enter.

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