Friday, May 4, 2012

Where is Jesus? Where is his Church?

Where would we find Christ today?  If Jesus came to live on the earth again in this age, where would we find the Son of God spending his time? 

Certainly would find him among the poor.  But would we find Jesus in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen?  Could we find him volunteering his time at a food pantry or rescue mission?  Could Jesus be hitting up the street corners with beggars handing out food and blankets with his 12 disciples in tow?  With what kind of poor would we find Jesus?  Would he be around those who lost their jobs due to downsizing?  Would we find him with the poor who greatly mismanaged their resources?  Would we find him with the poor who spend their money on alcohol and drugs?  Would he invest his time with those who succumb to poverty due to their languid attitudes accepting welfare, disability, food stamps, and assistance when they are able to work?

We know Jesus would certainly spend time with sinners as he frequently did 2,000 years ago.  But with what kind of sinners would Jesus associate?  Would we find Jesus frequenting the local pub, The Checkered Flag, down the street to share stories with the debaucheries of society?  Would he converse with those working in the red light districts as they try to attract clients and turn tricks?  Would he visit the corrupted CEO's, the Bernie Madoff's in prison?  Would he ride into gang territory and share the love of God with Hell's Angels?  Would he knock on the dilapidated homes turned into meth labs for a visit?  Would he visit the East Side of Indianapolis known for its violence, and rampant drug use? 

We know Jesus would enter into intense discussion about the nature and will of God.  But what kind of leaders would Jesus disagree with the most?  Would he oppose the Catholic Priests, the Baptist ministers, the Episcopal clergy, the elders, deacons, or lay Christians around the world?  Would he argue against the Imams, Clerics, Rabbis, and other leaders of religious organizations?

We know Jesus avoided the political spotlight as much as possible.  Would Jesus again avoid the liberal and conservative pulpits and platforms?  Would Jesus preach a new political association that rises about right wing left wing dominance?  Would he preach a new Constitution, a new Bill of Rights, a new government that was not democratic, or republic, but monarchy in nature where God ruled?  Would he criticize the monetary and violent powers we utilize like he did under the shadow of Rome?

Jesus' message was simple "The time has come.  The kingdom of God is near.  Repent and believe the good news" (Mark 1:15).  What time are we in now?  Is the kingdom of God not now here?  What would Jesus call us to repent from?  What sin must we ask forgiveness today?  What path have we lost that must again be found? 

These questions are important to ask.  The reason we ask them is because Christ is here among us.  The answer to these questions is resoundingly yes!  Jesus would do all these things, and even more.  The Church is the body of Christ, if we would find Jesus in such places, with such people, preaching such messages, should we not also find his Church there as well?

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