Monday, March 1, 2010

Day # 11 March 1st – Humility

(See Philippians 2:1-11) You would be hard pressed to find “humble” as a noble character trait within our professional world. Just imagine a humble lawyer, politician, or doctor, almost comical isn’t it? In fact, any one we see as a leader whether it is in the political, corporate, or academic world are expected to be charismatic, intelligent, and sometimes even brash, but never humble. We are in a world that is constantly in search for love, but we have missed finding it because true love starts with humility. Considering others better than yourself is the only true act of love there is. Jesus showed true love by putting himself below others and offering himself as a perfect sacrifice on the cross. Is it any wonder God is called love? Look for ways to put others before you. Allow someone to cut in line, hold the door open, make yourself a servant for someone else. Exercise true love, by exercising humility, and remember, the last shall be first.

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