Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day # 13 March 3rd – Forgiveness

The only reason forgiveness is hard is because people are really good at hurting us. Forgiveness is also important for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. By holding on to hurts and anger, our muscles tighten, our blood pressure rises, our emotions are heightened, and our spirit becomes hard. In fact Matthew 6:14-15 says we have to forgive, if we want to be forgiven. Imagine you not ever being forgiven only because you refused to forgive someone else. We all do wrong, we all are good and versed at hurting each other, that is why Jesus came, that is why there is the cross. We all need forgiveness; therefore, we need to forgive those who hurt us. This is how the body of Christ works together. The church does not function together because we are perfect, but because we are forgiven, and continue to forgive. Community only works if there is confession, and confession only works if there is forgiveness.

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