Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day # 20 March 11th – Blessing (more than a good luck charm)

When someone sneezes do you pray for them, or do you bless them? When you thank God for your supper do you pray for the food, or do you bless the food? These two questions simply point out that there seems to be a difference between a prayer and a blessing. A blessing is a type of prayer, just as corporate prayer, and praying for your enemies is a type of prayer. The primary purpose for blessing, is not to amass possession, but to establish relationship between two parties. To bless someone is to bring to light the importance and value of a relationship and those who benefit from it (Genesis 12:2 shows the blessing of a single person, and Deuteronomy 7:14-16 reveals the blessings of a group of people. Blessing a marriage is a type of prayer that puts God’s watch and protection over that important relationship, and in turn that relationship becomes a blessing to their children, and the relationship between the parents and children receive a blessing so that it may be a blessing to the grandchildren, and all who enter into the home. The scripture is full of blessings. God blesses people to establish a relationship with his creation, God blesses the relationship of Adam and Eve, Abraham and his children, Israel and the other Nations, and Jesus and all of creation. Also we can bless each other. When you bless someone you ask god to either bless other person’s relationship with God, someone else, or even yourself. Even the act of blessing someone, is a blessing upon the relationship between the blesser, and the blessing receiver. The most known blessings if found in Numbers 6:24-26 . So, do not simply wish someone luck or good fortune, but bless each other that relationships may grow and be solidified. If there is one thing in the world that could be fixed to change the way we live, it would be to fix our broken relationships. Be a blessing and bless each other, build each other up, and fix the broken relationships of our lives.

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