Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day # 31 March 24th – Sanctification

Sanctification may sound like one of those fancy words that only pertain to the uber-religious, but in reality, it is a part of our everyday life. Sanctified simply means “to be set apart for.” I have a suit that my wife bought at Target for a mere $90. It is black with white pin stripes, and even through it is starting to get a little snug around the midsection, that suit is set apart for one of two occasions, marrying and burying. As follower of Jesus the Messiah and Son of God we are called to be set apart for him. Just as a wife or husband is set apart for no other intimate relationship than with their spouse, we are to be set apart for God. Jesus does not simply forgive us, or make us right, but he also sanctifies us through the power of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 6:11. Our time with family, friends, at work, must all have God at the forefront. If we make God second, that means we are putting something up higher than God (that’s idolatry). God forgives us, puts us in right relationship, and sanctifies us, separating us from all that is ugly and hateful, and surrounding our lives with love. What is not about God in your life, what needs to be sanctified, what is suffering because you have left God out?


  1. Ben, i really enjoy your posts and your heart. Seeing things from God's perspective helps make our problems seems so small.

    What is not sanctified? Now that is a personal question....but those are the most important ones aren't they, because on that foundation will the church be built...people who recognize the Christ.

    What do I hold on to, my money, my time, my freedom to choose, my "rest", my being "right", being respected, being loved. I hold on to quite a bit. However, it is being taken away, sometimes -usually- in small bites, but on occasion in crushing waves.

    "Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed." Luke 20

    He is making us Holy, as we behold Him

  2. Amen Bluebird, our sanctification only comes through his Spirit, we cannot do it alone. We just continue to allow God to mold us like a potter!