Friday, March 19, 2010

Day # 27 March 19th – Guidance

Surviving the wilderness takes an expert, just ask Bear Grills. Bear Grills is an expert in surviving the wilderness, eating and drinking about anything so that viewers can comfortably sit at home and watch and learn with wonderment about basic (and not so basic) survival skills. Why is it that we so readily submit to the authority of doctors and lawyers for our medical and legal well-being, but when it comes to our spiritual lives, we think we all have it figured out? The truth is that we all need a mentor or spiritual teacher/teachers in our life. It is foolish to think that we have any part of our lives all figured out. We need a spiritual guide to help us when we have questions, and also to correct us and point us in a better direction when we are going astray. This means we have to be humble and submit to the authority of someone else. However, this submission does not make us weak, but it makes us strong. Joshua had Moses, the disciples had Jesus, Timothy, Barnabas, and Silas had Paul. Find someone, or someones you can continue to learn from and grow in knowledge and in the love of Jesus Christ.

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