Monday, March 8, 2010

Day # 17 March 8th – Fellowship

Fellowship is more than a mere party or get together, though it does include those things. It is neither an option in the life that is being lived for Jesus Christ. Dallas Willard again says “fellowship is required to allow realization of a joyous and sustained level of life in Christ that is normally impossible to attain by all our individual effort no matter how vigorous and sustained.” Simply put, we need each other to carry the burdens of hard times, and to celebrate through good times. In the beginning of creation God looked at everything he created and saw that it was good, but in Genesis 2:18 God says that it is “not good” that we should be alone. Paul knew he could not do faith alone, so when he traveled from town to town he either Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Luke, or someone else, or a combination of people around him. Even the life and ministry of Jesus was one done surround by his closest friends and disciples. The importance of being united is stressed in John 15-17 in the entire book of Ephesians 1 Corinthians 12 and many other places. Those who claim that their faith is between them and God, are greatly mistaken in their belief. Our faith is between God and all of creation. Our faith involves who we live with our family, friends, neighbors, enemies, strangers, the hungry, lost, orphaned, sick, imprisoned, everyone, and everything. Fellowship is powerful and needed. First we cannot get through faith on our own. The Church is the body of Christ, alone; we only represent an eye, or a leg, (pretty useless without the rest of the body). Second, we have a gift that God has given us through the Spirit that is only helpful if we share it. Therefore, find someone to share your faith with continually. Maybe it is a small group at church. Maybe it is through Bible study and worship. Know that meeting with each other is not only enjoyable, but beneficial to our growth and work in Christ.

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