Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day # 26 March 18th – Image (dress with success)

We measure our success by our accomplishments. If our goal is to become a doctor, we know we have succeed by earning our degree and practicing the profession. In the same token if we want to become famous we know we have reached the goal when we see our name in the tabloids. Who we are and who we are becoming is part of our image. However, being a doctor or famous is only a small temporary construction of our image. Our image is an eternal existence and any profession or notoriety does not last eternally. Therefore, the focus of our image must center on something bigger than occupation, accomplishment, and even bigger than ourselves. Some define their image in groups or association. Some may join the army or marines to be part of something bigger than themselves. But again, this too falls short, because every great military has and will eventually fall. Scripture wastes no time in identifying the proper image that we were made for, in Genesis 1:26-27 we read that God made us in his image. We were made in God’s image, and only this image will do. This means that we find our true worth, our true identity, and true significance not in accomplishment, or fame, or wealth, or association with a group, but with God and his family. How do we live as image bearers of God? Well first we follow the commandment to have the same attitude as Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5). Unlike Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, we rely on God the Father just as Jesus did. It means we become one with God as Jesus prayed we would in John 17, by identifying and trusting in him over any nation, association, or group. To be an American, there is an image of strength and independence, the image of someone who has succeeded is a wealthy slender and often very egotistical individual, but the lasting image that we were created for is one the reflects the love, humility, and compassion of Jesus Christ. Think today what you can do to be an image bearer of God. What will you do, so that when people see you, they will be able to identify you as a child and follower of God?

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